Italian Bliss Men

Italian Bliss Men

You people married to Italian men, you know what it's like. - Geraldine Ferraro

Well, alas at My Healthy Bliss we are not married to Italian men, but we can all be married to men who use Italian skin care products! Yay!

There is something comforting and right about seeing a man shave with actual soap and a brush instead of that weird stuff that comes out of a can. Who knows what that stuff really is? Our daddies shaved with soap in a cup and a natural bristle brush and we just feel like every man should experience the wonderfulness of a REAL shave.

Shouldn't the man in your life be shaving with soap that isn't chock full of strange, chemical ingredients? Only at My Healthy Bliss can you bless him with shaving soaps from Italy with all natural ingredients and beautiful natural bristle brushes to go with them. Or perhaps he would prefer shaving cream from Italy or mango soap in a terra cotta dish, for the ultimate in luxury. If he insists on the foam, at least give him the best from Italy with emolient herbs to soothe and protect his skin.

We like to think we are fair here at My Healthy Bliss, and we agree that men need elegant, luxurious skin care products from Italy just as much as women do. Why shouldn't men be able to turn their showers into a spa experience? Why shouldn't they have vetiver and rum after shave and cologne that will make them feel like the elegant Italian bello uomos they were meant to be? Shouldn't they have their own deodorant and shower gel that smacks of a Mediterranean breeze? Yes, we say. Absolutely yes.

Now you too can have blissful Italian products for men from My Healthy Bliss!

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I COLONIALI Refill Shaving Cream with Mango 100 ml (3.6 oz.)
A shaving cream with a luxurious texture, enriched with softening mango oil. To be used as the REFIL..
Omega Natural Bristle Shaving Brushes
The Omega family has been making quality men's shaving products for over a century. Handcrafted ..
Omega Shaving Soap / Crema da Barba
Omega sapone da barba (shaving soap cream) gives an all round good shave ideal for any skin type. Tr..
VALOBRA Menthol Soft  Shave Cream Soap
alobra Menthol Soft Shave Cream Soap creates a creamy and invigorating menthol scented lather. This ..
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