Healthy Pets

Healthy Pets

But my dog isn't a vegetarian...

There's a little known combination of factors that will almost guarantee that you will find yourself with more best furry friends than you would ever have signed up for on your own. That combination of factors is as follows, in the order listed:

  • 1. Have a bunch of kids.
  • 2. Move to the country.
  • 3. Stay in said country until most of said kids grow up and move away.

That's it. It's just that simple.

When you live in the country, animals that need a home find you. The beautiful stray cat that trusts you enough to have her kittens under your front porch. The poor little starving dog that was apparently abandoned, but rescued by your soft-hearted daughter ( two three different times!). The poor little dog that was hit by a truck but rescued by your big, strong, soft-hearted son. The handsome pair of hound dogs that someone dumped at the end of your road, but were invited by your oldest, supposedly not soft-hearted daughter to come live out their days at your farm.

These and many more all came here and stayed, and meanwhile the kids started growing up and leaving home for college or marriage or life. This is how one morning I woke up to discover that I was the proud 'mom' to six (yes, 6) dogs and two (2) cats, with less kids than I started out with to take care of them. It's all good, though. We laughingly refer to ourselves as an animal retirement home...once they come here, they stay here till they die.

Some of those furry friends who found us over the years as the kids were growing up have passed away, but some of them remain. We have four yippy little canines and one old cat wandering around our house now days, and we wouldn't have it any other way. As the years have gone by and our animal family members have gotten older, we have helped them through some of the health challenges that dogs and cats face. Sensitive doggie skin that caused itching and chewing and foot biting. Sensitive kitty tummies that led to more cat food thrown up than not. Hair balls. In one little dog...seizures. The seizures were the last straw. We started to seriously worry and wonder what the heck was in the food we were buying for our little fur kids.

I guess it should be apparent by now that at My Healthy Bliss we are big advocates of label reading. Dog food and cat food labels are no exception...we became big time pet food label readers. And we didn't like what we found. Lots and lots of corn. Animal by-products, whatever that means. Wheat. Soy. Lots of things that we wondered if dogs and cats should even eat. The end result of all that label reading and research was just like everything else at My Healthy Bliss...not a dizzying array of products to be confused by, just the best dog and cat foods that we could find that we felt were good enough for our fur kids. We insisted on pure, simple ingredients, with no fillers or 'by-products' or corn, wheat or soy.

The reward for better nutrition is a healthier dog or cat. And who doesn't want that?!

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