Laundry Bliss

Laundry Bliss

As I do more laundry, nudists seem less crazy...

We used to have a saying at My Healthy Bliss: 'Laundry is my life'. Truer words were never spoken. There were some years in there where it seemed like pretty much all we did was laundry. Six kids worth of laundry. Dairy farm laundry. Baby and toddler laundry. Dirty gardening laundry. Laundry, laundry and more laundry. So. Much. Laundry.

Somewhere in there as we became, first, concerned and then, downright alarmed about all the junk in laundry products, we started making our own laundry soap. That was a time consuming process that involved making the soap and then grating it for laundry use. 

And then somewhere else in there, for years and years, we hung our clothes on a clothesline to dry. We say clothes to include white cloth diapers. There is nothing on earth, absolutely nothing, that smells as fresh and indescribably wonderful as clothes and sheets that have hung on a line to dry. Who needs strange chemical dryer sheets to scent your laundry when you can have the freshest fragrance nature can offer for free? Ah, how we miss those days...and the gentle mama cow who unceremoniously ended our line drying days in a tussle with the clothesline pole in which she was the undisputed victor.

Suffice to say, we consider ourselves laundry experts at My Healthy Bliss. We have tried it all, used it all and sometimes, made it all when it comes to laundry products. Our laundry needs have evolved over time, but we still seem to do a lot of laundry. We have grandkids with extremely sensitive skin and we are still just as unwilling to use products that have scary chemical ingredients. 

Even though we no longer have time to make our own laundry soap and the clothesline is a distant memory, we can still rest easy knowing that the safe, hard working laundry products we need are all right here at My Healthy Bliss. The cleanest clean for diapers, baby and kids clothes and the whole families laundry can be had with Charlie's Soaps. Our little one with the most sensitive skin we've ever seen has no problems when we use this laundry soap. We love Seventh Generation laundry soap in the cardboard 'bottle' and were so happy to find it when we were trying to get away from plastics in our lives. And, of course, we are big fans of the entire CitraSolv line, the laundry soap being no exception.

You don't have to become a soapmaking pioneer woman (or man) to get the purest products for your laundry. Just come to the laundry experts at My Healthy Bliss!

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Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry, 4X Free & Clear (6x50 Oz)
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Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry, 4X Geranium & Vanilla (6x50 Oz)
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Spuma di Sciampagna Marsiglia Cube Laundry Soap
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