Anti-Bug Bliss

Anti-Bug Bliss

Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitos? - unknown

This is a question we at My Healthy Bliss have asked ourselves many, many times. In these post-child-rearing days we still live in the country but we also find ourselves in the tropics pretty regularly, and one thing these two environments have in common is BUGS, and lots of them!

If you poll 100 folks who live in a tropical environment or live in the country and ask them what works to repel mosquitos and other pests, you will get 100 different answers. It seems that everyone has their own secret, favorite way to keep from getting eaten alive by bugs. Citronella incense, traps to lure bugs, soaps that repel bugs, lotions that repel bugs, sprays teeming with DEET...everyone has a remedy.

As folks who live in the country and are veteran travelers to tropical environments, let us give you the real scoop... Almost NONE of the remedies and repellents people have recommended to us have ever worked. And we have tried them all. Probably the most promising product we ever found for repelling biting insects in the tropics was a citronella gel we found in Puerto Vallarta. Sadly, try as we might, we were only able to procure one large bottle of this miracle gel and were never able to find it again. Back to the drawing board.

It is universally accepted that the only tried and true repellent for mosquitos, especially, is DEET. DEET is a toxic pesticide and it is absorbed by the skin. Just like anything else, there is debate about whether it is safe, but our position on DEET is the same as our position on any other pesticide: we don't want it on our food or in our air or on our skin. But there are some pretty nasty bad boys carried by mosquitos including denge fever, West Nile virus and Zika...and ain't nobody got time for that. So what to do?

If only we had discovered US Organic Anti-Bug spray sooner. We have finally found an ALL organic bug repellent that is safe enough to use for kids with NO chemicals THAT REALLY WORKS!! There is a formula for indoors and a formula for outdoors. These sprays have nothing in them but organic vegetable oils and a very effective combination of essential oils that truly work to repel bugs. Boom. Finally. Problem solved.

Making healthy living easy one solved problem at a time right here at My Healthy Bliss!

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Us Organic Anti Bug Spray, Indoor, SmthxDry (4 OZ)
Enjoy Us Organic Anit Bug Spray, Indoor, SmthxDry (4 OZ) at home or away.US Organic's Anti Bug S..
Us Organic Anti Bug Spray, Outdoor, Lng Lstng (4 OZ)
Enjoy Us Organic Anti Bug Spray, Outdoor, Lng Lstng (4 OZ) at home or away.US Organic's Anti Bug..
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