The Soap Bar

The Soap Bar

Soap is to the body what laughter is to the soul. - unknown

We have a confession to make. At My Healthy Bliss we are unabashed soap-a-holics. And we are proud of it! 

It's been more than 20 years now since we stumbled over a simple homemade soap recipe in an old homesteading magazine. We were instantly in love with the idea of taking 3 humble ingredients (lard, lye and water) and turning them into something useful and wonderful: soap! That simple soap cleaned almost everything in our lives for years and years, people, pets, babies, laundry and home, and opened us up to a whole world of soapmaking wonder. 

Thus began a journey that we are still on to this day. We have made thousands of bars of soap since then, some plain and simple and some elegant and complex. For many, many years we made every single bar of soap that was used in our household. And we had many faithful customers who purchased our homemade soap for their families as well. 

We still enjoy making soap when we can, but sadly we don't have much time for that anymore. But that's ok, because we have discovered that we have boundless appreciation for soap that other people make almost as much as our own.

And there are so many wonderful, beautiful soaps to be had from all over the world! Artisan soap from a master soapmaker in Oregon. Elegant hand milled soap in the centuries old French tradition. Rich Greek and Italian soaps made from pure Mediterranean olive oil. Polynesian beauty soap made with Tahitian gardenia. Oh, my. It's like an escape to a different paradise with each shower!

Welcome to The Soap Bar at My Healthy Bliss...the only trip around the world where no passport is required!


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At Last Naturals Msm Herbal Bar (1x3 Oz)
Save On At Last Naturals 1X 3 Oz Msm Herbal Bar Born Again Msm Herbal Moisturizing Bar. As An Ess..
Baudelaire Hand Soap Loofa Mint 5 Oz
Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to d..
Baudelaire Hand Soap Sea Loofah 5 Oz
Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to d..
Desert Essence Bar Soap Creamy Coconut (1x5 Oz)
Gently exfoliates skin with Jojoba meal Soothes and protects skin Infused with delightful C..
Desert Essence Bar Soap Exfoliating Italian Lemon (1x5 Oz)
Natural exfoliators give skin a gentle, invigorating scrub Revitalizes and smoothes as it moi..
Desert Essence Bar Soap Island Mango (1x5 Oz)
Gently cleanses skin as it nourishes Provides a natural burst of hydration Infused with the..
Desert Essence Bar Soap Lavender (1x5 Oz)
Gently cleanses as it moisturizes Bulgarian Lavender Oil and Aloe Vera nurture skin Soothes..
Desert Essence Bar Soap Lemongrass (1x5 Oz)
Creamy texture for gentle cleansing Revitalizes skin and refreshes the senses Moisturizes a..
Desert Essence Bar Soap Peppermint (1x5 Oz)
Cleanses and soothes skin Richly moisturizing Infused with invigorating scent of Peppermint..
Earth Therapeutics Aloe & Kiwi Loofah Soap (4Oz) X 2 Bars
A Loofah And Soap In One. Exfoliate That Old Skin While Sudsing Up With Delectable Yet Subtle Scents..
Earth Therapeutics Loofah Exfoliating Bar Soap Oatmeal Honey (1x4.2 Oz)
Vegetarian standard. Not tested on animals. For all types of skin. This vegetable-based treatme..
Earth Therapeutics Loofah Exfoliating Bar Soap Peaches Passion (1x4.2 Oz)
No Aminal By-Products Cruelty-Free, No Animal Testing Look Good, Feel Good This vegetabl..
Farmer's Market Apple Orchard Bar Soap (1x5.5 Oz)
Go natural with Farmer's Market Bar Soap Apple Orchard (1x5.5 OZ). Farmers' Market unique bl..
Farmer's Market Bar Soap Unscented (1x5.5 Oz)
Farmers' Market unique blend of organic shea, blueberry and avocado butters nourish skin by prov..
Farmer's Market Lavendar/ Eucalyptus Bar Soap (1x5.5 Oz)
Go natural with Farmer's Market Bar Soap Lavendar/ Eucalyptus (1x5.5 OZ). Farmers' Market un..
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