Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin

Love the skin you're in...

If you hang around My Healthy Bliss for very long, you will probably be reminded that your skin is the largest organ in your body. It seems that even folks who understand how important nutrition is and want to maintain a healthy environment for themselves and their families, forget their skin. Do you read the labels on all of the lotions, shave creams, anti-aging products, moisturizers and other skin care products that you use? If you don't, please start! You may be putting things on your skin that have no business being there.

We realize that sometimes there are ingredients in products that are not harmful but are not easy to identify. If you are in doubt, Google it. Get out all of the products that you routinely use on your skin and investigate what is in them. Seriously. If there is petrolatum in your body lotion, chances are it was refined in the same facility as gasoline. Is that ok with you? 

Unfortunately we live in a time where our skin is constantly bombarded with toxins and chemicals that it absorbs. Some of these, like pollution in the air or water, are not avoidable. Others are avoidable and if at all possible we need to limit our exposure to them as much as possible.

There is just so much to think about, we often don't even think about the products we grab to use on our skin. Advertising makes us feel good about products that we shouldn't feel good about. We grab what seems o.k. off the store shelf and go on with our lives. But the reality is that if you are soaking your kids or yourself in bubble bath or slathering yourselves with lotions that have parabens and chemicals in them, you are exposing yourself and your family to health risks that you never even thought of. There are a whole host of ailments and health hazards associated with some of these chemicals, and ain't nobody got time for that. Especially when it is so easy to find alternatives.

At My Healthy Bliss we have clean substitutes for those unhealthy skin care products that are affordable and don't require a chemical engineering degree to decipher the label. There are wonderful, French milled liquid soaps that are elegant but safe. Shaving creams that you can use without fear of weird ingredients. Healing balms to safely heal and natural loofas to naturally exfoliate. Fabulous, luxiurious skin care products from Italy that will make you feel like those Hollywood celebrities got nuthin' on you...except maybe that 10 million dollar mansion. Deodorants with no aluminum that actually work. And perhaps our favorite: pure oils and butters that your skin will just drink in.

At My Healthy Bliss we tossed our body lotions long ago and slather on either coconut oil or other pure butters after we shower, while our skin is still wet. Then towel dry and, voila. Your skin is moisturized and protected with out being drowned in any strange chemical concoctions. Yes, you will feel a little 'slippery' for a few minutes, but that will pass and then your skin will thank you for taking such good care of it.

Healthy, clean skin care is easy at My Healthy Bliss!


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