Bliss For Women

Bliss For Women

Cover your ears, boys...

Well, let's face it...if you are female, feminine hygeine products are an inescapable part of your life, for a big part of your life. And we really, really hate to be the ones to tell you this, but those pads and tampons you've been using are really, really bad for you.

We know, we know....sometimes you just want to throw up your hands, cover your ears, stomp your feet and yell, to no one in particular, 'ARE YOU @#$%&* KIDDING ME?? WHAT ELSE COULD POSSIBLY BE BAD FOR ME??'. It's ok...calm down. We can help you, we promise.

At My Healthy Bliss we feel like bad news is best told first. From an environmental standpoint, the average woman may go through something like 300 pounds of pads or tampons in her lifetime. These pads and tampons usually contain plastics, which take somewhere between 'a long time' and 'forever' to break down. They also contain chemicals to make them super absorbent which are, likewise, not particularly good for the environment. 

These same plastics and chemicals that are not good for the environment are not good for YOU either. Synthetic fibers like rayon in tampons that may stick to your skin and increase your risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome (which can be fatal), pesticides in the cotton used in pads and tampons, chemicals in plastics like BPA and BPS which have been linked to cancer and other diseases, synthetic fragrances, cancer causing herbicide glyphosate in cotton used for tampons...none of these scary substances belong anywhere near the delicate skin around your vaginal area, and yet all of them are commonly found in conventional pads and tampons. 

It has been many years since we first began to worry about the potentially harmful stuff in pads and don't even get us started on tampons. An article years ago about a healthy, young female physician who died within 24 hours of contracting toxic shock ended my relationship with tampons forever, long before I had children of my own. The chances of coming down with possibly life threatening Toxic Shock Syndrome, which may be caused by a staph bacteria, is admittedly rare, but since using tampons in the warm, moist environment of the vagina may increase ones risk, tampons have been out of our lives for many years. But we realize that not everyone shares our negative feelings about tampons.

When our girls reached that wonderful age where they needed feminine hygeine products, we were already pros at making our own flannel pads. Those girls are mostly grown up now, and if you ask them about the homemade flannel pads, they will deny that ever happened, and probably that we are their parents, as well. Nowdays there are super cool reuseable pads that come in different sizes and even come in happy patterns. If this seems gross to you, we promise you will change your mind once you've tried them. It is a really wonderful feeling to know that you are not throwing all of that yucky stuff away to be carted off to the landfill every month. A really, REALLY wonderful feeling!

If you aren't quite ready for the reuseables yet, there are organic cotton pads and tampons for day and night that are free of all the chemicals and junk in other feminine hygeine products. Perhaps our favorite new answer to the monthly dilemma is a menstrual cup. Made of medical grade silicon, these little wonders don't leak and can be used even at night or with heavy periods. 

And no discussion of feminine issues would be complete without mentioning progesterone cream. Probably the product that has had the single most impact on our lives as women has been progesterone cream. There are so many chemicals and toxins in our environment and on our food and in our air that mimic estrogen. These are called xenoestrogens. Pesticides, plastics, chemicals that we are daily exposed to cause our bodies to over produce estrogen which wreaks havoc on our health.

The series of books by Dr. John R. Lee (What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About...) are our go to resource on this topic...and it's a critical topic for all women and men of all ages. The over exposure of estrogen that we endure often needs to be countered by progesterone in order to achieve balance in our bodies. We do not and cannot offer you medical advice, but we do recommend that everyone research this issue and consult a health professional for advice on what steps can be taken to balance your hormones. We often joke (although maybe it's not funny...) that if you are female, your hormones spend most of your life trying to kill you. Getting them balanced can have a huge impact on your emotional and physical life.

Welcome to My Healthy Bliss, where 'lady problems' aren't problems at all...just another part of blissfully healthy living!

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