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Health & Beauty

Your skin called. It asked us to tell you that it doesn't know what was in that soap you just used, but it doesn't feel good about it...

Did you know that your largest organ is your skin? This is a simple truth that many people just choose to ignore. You should be just as concerned about all the crazy, no-idea-what-that-even-is stuff you put ON your body as you are about the purity of what you put in it. Junky ingredients should have absolutely no place in your skins life.

I have four daughters. You might not be able to imagine the sheer volume of hair care, beauty and make up products that four girls in one house can generate. Two of those four girls are what I like to call 'Product-aholics'. They collect beauty products like most people collect air molecules. They are continually sucked in by the latest 'it' product and it's accompanying advertising campaign that was seemingly aimed solely at them. This is particularly difficult for me to admit, because I am almost a total purist when it comes to what I use on my body. I can let a little less than perfect slide by here and there when it comes to food, but not when it comes to Health & Beauty products. I can't stand the thought of what the heck might be in that weird gel that passes for shampoo nowdays. Only God knows (and He isn't telling) what that bar of Soap that you bought at the grocery store is made out of. And don't even get me started on cosmetics. If I am going to put it on my face, for Heaven's sake, every single day of my life, I want to know what's in it.

I'll tell you a secret: the issue of purity in the Health & Beauty products my family uses is so important to me that for years and years I made every bar of the soap we used. And that was a long time before soapmaking was trendy and popular. Yup, I was a soapmaker before soapmaking was cool. We made our soap with fresh milk from our cows or goats, when we had it, and even made our own shampoo. I can't think of many pure, healthy, homemade products I haven't tried on my kids. There was hair conditioner (not well received), toothpaste (also not a fan favorite), lip balm (made it for years...everyone loved it) and body lotion (that was a hit too). There may even have been homemade feminine hygiene products, but under threat of death, I am not at liberty to either confirm or deny that. (What do you think women did about that down through the ages before there were bleached and chemical bathed synthetic cotton pads or tampons available?) 

When you start to think of all the products that you use that expose your skin to some kind of chemical, the list is staggering. Shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products, cosmetics, moisturizers and wrinkle reducers and creams for your face, soaps and other bath and shower products, body lotions, men's (and women's) shaving lotions and creams, sun screens, perfumes and colognes, deodorants and antiperspirants, feminine hygiene products, nail polish...I could go on, but you get the idea. We may not be able to eliminate all of these things from our lives, at least not with out giving up some beauty enhancements or hygiene aids that we are not willing to give up. But we can try to become more aware of what products are offering the most chemical ingredients and substitute something that is more pure.

Start somewhere. Check out the healthier health & beauty alternatives at My Healthy Bliss. Take baby steps to eliminating the chemicals your body and skin are exposed to. The reward may well be the gift of a healthier you!

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