Oils & Butters

Oils & Butters

...and then the fat said to the oil: 'No one understands me...'

If anybody knows what it's like to be accused, malaigned, and vilified without just cause, it's dietary fats and oils. The Big Food industry did a great job for quite a long time of convincing the general public that the reason for our skyrocketing obesity rate was FATS. All we had to do to solve all our problems (including heart disease and other health issues) was avoid dreaded fats. 'Here, eat these cookies', they said. 'They're fat free!', they said. And so we did. And we discovered, sometimes too late, that not only were fats not the problem (the refined and overprocessed carbohydrates in those 'fat free' cookies probably were) some of those fats are necessary for good health.

Hopefully, most of us know better now. We know that important, good-for-your-brain Omega-3 fatty acids actually need saturated fats like butter and coconut oil in order to assimilate properly. And your bones need saturated fats in order to transport calcium and other minerals throughout your body. 

Conversely, while we need some Omega-6 fatty acids, the average American diet has way too many Omega-6's (which come from vegetable oils like soy, corn and canola) and not enough Omega-3's (which come from flax oil and fish oils, among others). I read somewhere recently that Americans get something like 20% of their calories from a single source - soybean oil - with almost 9% of all calories from the omega-6 fat linoleic acid. Good grief, no wonder we are overweight and sick.

But enough of all that bad news. At My Healthy Bliss we've been enjoying the goodness of healthy fats and oils for a long time now. And there are plenty of healthy fats and oils to choose from.

We LOVE our coconut oil (extra virgin, cold pressed and organic ONLY). Containing medium chain fatty acids, coconut oil is good for both the inside and outside of your body and has an amazing array of health benefits that we could write a book about. We use it daily as our only moisturizer. In cooler weather we put our bottle of coconut oil on the shower floor to liquify while we shower (if it has hardened, it should turn to liquid at about 76 degrees...never microwave it). After showering, apply the coconut oil to wet skin and then towel dry. Voila! The perfect pure, all natural moisturizer that can improve the moisture and lipid content of the skin.  

Another of our favorite ways to be sure we get enough lovely coconut oil in our diets is to put some in our coffee in the mornings. We don't do the whole 'bulletproof coffee' thing in the blender, we just put a heaping tablespoon into our steaming, wonderful cup of Kicking Horse coffee, along with a little Stevita Supreme and...boom. That coffee just turned into a nutritional powerhouse to get our day started right!

Oh, and then there is wonderful, rich olive oil for cooking, drizzling, dipping and dressing. Culinary blends, finishing oil and gourmet dipping oil and so many others. Pure, organic oils for your every need! Not even to mention organic, creamy nut butters and hazlenut spreads that are just pure bliss. Just more ways to make blissful good health easy at My Healthy Bliss!


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