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Grains & Beans

OMG. My mother was right about everything. - unknown

That kindof makes us laugh. We can't help it. At My Healthy Bliss we mostly had Southern mothers. If you don't know anything about Southern mothers (Mothers of the South, aka. MOTS), let us tell you some little known historical tidbits from long ago. MOTS loved to watch kids EAT. And eat and eat and eat. MOTS fried many foods. Usually those foods were dipped, rolled, double dipped or shaken in bright, white flour. MOTS put sugar in almost everything including tea and vegetables. MOTS bribed their offspring into eating weird stuff like okra by promising dessert, which is code for white flour and sugar flavored with vanilla, chocolate or some kind of fruit.

Now, here is some more history of the South that you may not know. MOTS produced female offspring that are now referred to as GRITS (Girls Raised in the South). GRITS did crazy things as children and rarely, if ever, were hurt or killed doing them. Things like sliding down rusty pitched root cellar roofs wearing very short shorts. Or climbing 20 feet up into the tallest pecan tree in order to have a better vantage point from which to pelt BRATS (Boys Raised as True Southerners...) with mature pecans. 

Here's a funny thing that I cannot explain: we were all scrawny, little kids without weight problems... which may have been attributed to a couple of factors.

For one thing, we had no tv, radio, cell phone or computer so we ran and played hard all day, every day. And secondly, we only spent a few short weeks in the summers with our grandmothers (Mothers of MOTS - MOMOTS), which was fortuate because MOMOTS had one goal, and one goal only, in life, and that was to stuff scrawny little kids with food. And, oh my, could they ever cook some delicious food. Sweet creamed corn, fresh from the garden. Fried chicken that melted in your mouth. Cakes and pies and cornbread and...well, you get the idea. But we digress...

Another possible reason for our narrow escape from obesity could be that food truly was different back then. The sugar that we ate probably actually came from sugar cane, and was administered by our grandmothers, admittedly in more things than necessary, but it wasn't hiding in ketchup and spaghetti sauce and salad dressing. The flour was  made from wheat that may not have been doused with a hefty dose of pesticides and the vegetables were fresh and pesticide free. 

This is not the case for us today. Wheat bears little resemblance to the golden, hearty grain of yesteryear, and consequently many people have developed gluten intolerance, allergies and inflammation, among other issues. Genetically modified, herbicide ready crops so that they can be drowned in cancer causing pesticide but still look edible...these are the grains we get to choose from. Until now. 

Now you can get organic sprouted whole grains and beans from My Healthy Bliss. Sprouting grains increases many of their key nutrients including B vitamins, vitamin C, folate, fiber and essential amino acids like lysine. Sprouted grains may also be less allergenic to folks with grain protein sensitivities.  

My Healthy Bliss offers you sprouted lentils, mung beans and quinoa in 15 lb. bags for folks with big boys or big families to feed, like me. Or there are cases of smaller bags for those of you who need smaller quantities but love the value of buying in bulk. 

Discover the blissfully healthy world of sprouted grains and beans right here at My Healthy Bliss!

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TruRoots Sprouted Mung Beans (6x10 Oz)
Truroots Brings Life To The Finest Mung Beans, Sprouting Them Slightly, And Preserving That Moment O..
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