Coffee & Tea

Coffee & Tea

If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee. - Abraham Lincoln

Well, the real truth at My Healthy Bliss is that we can't do without either one. It is wholely unsafe around here in the mornings until the Kicking Horse Coffee's Kickass Dark is poured and the diffuser is running as fast as it can, pumping out little puffs of Energize. We hate to admit this, as we would like for you to think that we wake up sweet and nice, bright eyed and ready to greet the day. But, alas, this is not the way it is, and fortunately we have surrounded ourselves with whatever it takes to keep us out of prison every morning. We're too pretty for prison.

One of those things that keeps us from morning spousal and co-worker abuse (or worse) are incredible, rich coffees from Kicking Horse Coffee and Marley Coffee. There are grounds or whole bean, organic coffees, and even Keurig cups for days when we are in a rush. Never bitter, smooth and rich...we find that even the most delicate tummies around here have no trouble with these coffees. Thank Heavens. No telling what might happen if we had to go without it... There are dark roasts, medium roasts and espresso beans to satisfy your favorite coffee snob. Whew. We made it through the morning and no one was hurt or killed.

By afternoon, we love to brew up a cup, or even a pot (because it's so easy), of our favorite tea. We choose Revive for times when we hit an afternoon slump. Lavender or chamomile are wonderful evening relaxers and Easy Sleep is what we reach for first when we have trouble getting to sleep. There are herbal medleys, chais and teas to help detox your, poor stressed body, teas that are good for all women and mamas, even teas to help in your weight loss journey...all organic and housed in little 'tins' to keep the tea fresh. Sometimes we find ourselves standing in front of the tea cupboard, staring blankly, unable to make a choice. The struggle is real, folks.

To say we are not morning people would be a gross and dramatic understatement. Thank goodness for wonderful, organic coffees to get us through our mornings and healthy, organic teas to add richness to our days and serenity to our nights. And thank goodness for blissfully healthy discoveries at My Healthy Bliss!

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Lavender Tea X2
In cases of headaches, anxiety states, rheumatism or distension, the consumption of lavender flowe..
Marley Coffee Catch a Fire (6x10x.39 OZ)
Enjoy Marley Coffee Catch a Fire (6x10x.39 OZ) at home or away.Perfectly pairing the subtle notes of..
Marley Coffee Get Up Ground (8x8OZ )
This mild yet sweetly balanced blend is bright, floral and smooth with a hint of lemon grass on the ..
Marley Coffee Lvly Up Realcup (6x12Pack )
This full-bodied, yet well-balanced coffee offers hints of cocoa, candied fruit and sweet caramel. T..
Marley Coffee One Love Ground (8x8OZ )
Marley Coffee is a range of 100% Organic coffee blends from Rohan Marley. Full of floral notes and r..
Marley Coffee Onelove Realcup (6x12Pack )
One Love, one heart, 100% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. From the birthplace of coffee, exotic floral and ber..
Marley Coffee Spiced Root (6x10x.39 OZ)
Enjoy Marley Coffee Spiced Root (6x10x.39 OZ) at home or away.Inspired by the flavor of Jamaican rum..
Men's Tea
Mens Tea is a fantastic blend to increase lean, cut muscle, stimulate male hormones and increase m..
Nirvana Tea
Provides a calming mental state to even the most aggressive tea drinker. Meant to help calm and re..
Om Tao Tea
Body and mind balancing, total relaxation for your body, and help repairs nerves damaged by stress a..
Peppermint Leaf Tea
Fresh, minty scent. It has an energizing effect, and is often used to reduce mental fatigue and impr..
Pu-erh Imperial Tea
Carefully crafted by hand picked artisans in the high mountains of Yunnan Province, named after ..
Raspberry Leaf Tea
The red raspberry leaf also contains many essential minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, and an..
Revive Tea
eSutras Organics Revive Tea is perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up or whenever you need a li..
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