Clean Foods

Clean Foods

Do not despair. There is hope. There is still clean food out there and you can find it right here! 

Are you sick of hearing that all the foods you love are hazardous to your health? Do you wonder how people buy 'healthy' foods without taking out a second mortgage? Have you told your family lately that you will no longer be feeding them because apparently EVERYTHING is UN-healthy? Are you on the brink of throwing up your hands in despair? Well, hang on...don't give up on eating just yet. All is not lost.

But first, let's just get the bad stuff out of the way. We are able to be more educated about what we feed our families than any generation in history, which can be both blessing and curse. I wish I'd had the internet back when I was trying to discern how to best feed my growing family, but now sometimes I wish I could shut it off. There's plenty of bad news out there, and bad news travels fast.

The unfortunate reality of our lives today is that food crops are often sprayed with pesticides that may be detrimental to good health. Many foods are over processed, removing most, if not all of their nutritional value. Grains and produce today bear little resemblance to yesteryear's healthy, hearty fruits of the earth due to over processing, pesticide baths and nutrient stripping, not to mention genetic modification, making a science experiment with an unknown future out of all of us.

Food crops have been genetically modified in order to make them more pesticide resistant...more GMO's = more pesticides in/on our food. The eight most often genetically modified (GMO) crops in the US are corn, soybeans, canola, cottonseed, sugar beets, Hawaiian papaya and some zucchini and yellow squash...some of these are pretty hard to avoid. Gluten intolerance is epidemic, quite possibly due to these and other factors. Sugar, which is more addictive than cocaine, is in almost everything we buy from ketchup to salad dressing, spaghetti sauce to bread products. This is particularly bad news not only for our waistlines, but for our general health since white sugar is usually a combination of sugar made from both sugar cane and GMO sugar beets.

What are we to do? Well, at My Healthy Bliss, our first recommendation is always that folks become label readers. If we can't pronounce an ingredient, we don't buy it. If you can afford it, buy organic. If you can't afford organic fresh produce, wash your fruits and vegetables in a vinegar solution (3 parts water:1 part vinegar...we keep ours in a spray bottle) and then rinse with water. 

Let My Healthy Bliss encourage you with some refreshing words: there are still healthy food choices out there that don't cost as much as your car, and some of them can be found right here.

We like our tea and coffee and we feel pretty strongly that we don't want pesticides steeping in hot water with our tea bags or coffee grounds. No worries, we have a beautiful selection of affordable, exotic and satisfying organic teas and coffees at My Healthy Bliss. We are relieved to be able to offer you organic fruit spreads made from your favorite colorful fruits with no added sugar or yucky artificial sweeteners. You're welcome, Sweet Tooth. Deliciously healthy sprouted grains and beans, whey protein meal replacements, sweeteners, snacks, seasoningsoils, gluten free pastas and rice...even, gasp, chocolate and cocoa.

It's all right here in one place, a blissfully healthy place where you don't have to worry about the nutritional 'bad news'. It's all good news at My Healthy Bliss!

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