Eco Bags & Totes

Eco Bags & Totes

I remembered my reuseable grocery bags! - said almost no one ever in the grocery check out line

If you are like us at My Healthy Bliss, you ride around in your car with an impressive amount of reuseable shopping bags gracing your back seat... And sometimes those bags don't come to mind until just about the time we are mid way through the check out line. The only thing I can say in our defense is that we faithfully recycle the plastic or paper grocery bags we come home with on the occasional days we forget to take our own. But we try really hard to never forget to take in our own bags.

We are particularly embarassed to admit that this EVER happens because the bags that live in our cars are SO stinkin' cool! We have floral bags and cute printed bags and, perhaps best of all, bags with chickens on them. We have mesh produce bags and perfect natural recycled cotton canvas bags for your wine. 

Instead of hitting the market with the goofy looking hodgepodge of random bags that you have picked up here and there, why not take the first step to a more organized life with a matched set of grocery bags you actually like? Treat yourself to natural cotton string bags to carry you through the produce section like a professional chef. Carry your wine home in cotton canvas bags...after all, precious cargo should be properly protected.

We just love them all and enjoy using them ourselves and giving them to our friends as gifts. And if you think reuseable bags aren't gift giving material, think again. Anyone would love to have a matched set of bags to take to the market, and having proper produce and wine bags is just icing on the cake.

Going green is easy and fun with eco bags and totes from My Healthy Bliss!

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