Complete Candy and Chocolate Making Kit

Complete Candy and Chocolate Making KitComplete Candy and Chocolate Making Kit
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Complete Candy and Chocolate Making Kit Complete Candy and Chocolate Making Kit Complete Candy and Chocolate Making Kit Complete Candy and Chocolate Making Kit
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Our Complete Holiday Candy and Organic Chocolate Making Kit includes everything you need to easily make seven delicious treats!

This is our complete kit with holiday shaped molds including gingerbread person, candy cane gummy mold and santa, tree and bear

When you were growing up, did you ever dream of working in a candy factory? Now you can—in the comfort of your own home! Our kit includes the high quality ingredients and equipment needed to create your own gummy candy, licorice, ganache-filled truffles, peanut butter cups, coconut-peppermint patties.and marshmallows—both regular and chocolate-dipped! And the best part is you’ll know exactly what goes into each candy, so you can be sure it’s all natural.

Our easy instructions will have you making your own chocolates and candies in no time! Each treat requires a short time on the stove, followed by a twirl in the mixing bowl, so the number of treats in simultaneous production is dependent on the number of burners and bowls you have—and the number of helping hands! Fortunately when it comes to making candy, you shouldn't have too much trouble rounding up the troops! Your completed candies will last from 1 to 2 weeks in the fridge.

Wrap up your chocolates and bag up your candies, friends and family will be blown away by these delicious gifts—or give this kit to someone who wants their own candy factory! This kit makes a truly unique gift.

Why You’ll Like It: This kit makes a fun weekend activity you can share with your family! The included instructions feature 7 great treats—but don’t stop there, add your own spices to make black pepper and cayenne chocolates, or sprinkle your truffles with sea salt to add a uniquely savory dimension!

What You’ll Get:
• Organic milk free chocolate
• Organic baking sugar
• Coconut flakes
• Organic powdered sugar
• Organic peppermint flavoring
• Six silicone chocolate cup molds
• Molasses
• Anise powder
• Licorice powder
• Gelatin
• Organic vanilla extract
• Silicone gummy candy mold with holiday shapes
• Candy thermometer
• Pipette
• Instructions

What You’ll Need:
• Flour
• Salt
• Fruit juice
• Water
• Heavy cream or coconut cream
• Peanut butter
• Butter or margarine
• Coconut oil
• Agave syrup

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