DIY Kits - Food & Drink

DIY Kits - Food & Drink

Happiness in life is something homemade.

At My Healthy Bliss we have a great love of all things home made. For many happy years, we made anything and everything we possibly could ourselves. Sometimes there were economic motivators behind our incessant hand crafting but sometimes we made things just because we wanted to see if we could!

Once upon a time, quite early on in our do-it-yourself lives, a very thoughtful husband brought home a little set of flexible candy molds. He was so proud of himself for finding such a neat little thing, and we were rightfully impressed and eager to put our surprise to good use! That may well have been the first little seed that blossomed into a full blown love of all things do-it-yourself, long before DIY was cool! Many cute little candies were made in those wonderful molds so long ago and that memory inspires us still.

We easily moved on from candy molds to cheese molds as there was a time when we had a great abundance of fresh goat and cow milk around here. Gallons and gallons of fresh milk that we couldn't stand to waste a drop of. Now we had plenty of milk drinking kids to use up most of that beautiful fresh, milk, but what was left over was just begging to be made into cheese. And, boy, did we ever learn to love cheese making!

Ricotta became our favorite, but we also loved making mozzarella and herbed goat cheese. There is no feeling of accomplishment quite like producing a beautiful, fresh, homemade cheese, or maybe just a fresh, homemade anything! So many homemade products came out of our farmhouse kitchen back then and we never stopped loved the adventure of learning to do something new! 

Enzyme and probiotic packed kombucha tea brewed on our counter top, long before most folks had ever heard of kombucha. Wine crafted from grapes we either grew ourselves or picked in the countryside near our home sat looking pretty on our homemade wine rack. 

You too can make all of these wonderful things yourself, at home, with do-it-yourself kits from My Healthy Bliss! What could be more cool than making your own wine? What gift could be more impressive than a beautiful cheese you made at home in your own kitchen? How incredible to know that the blissfully healthy elixir you drink every day doesn't come from a bottle or cost ten dollars per serving, but was brewed by you in your own kitchen?!

You can proudly say 'I made it myself' with cool DIY kits from My Healthy Bliss!



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Artisan Kombucha Making Kit (makes 2 gallons)
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Complete Candy and Chocolate Making Kit
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Complete Cheese Making Kit
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Deluxe Cheese Making Kit
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Deluxe Fruit Wine Making Kit (makes 6 gallons)
Has a tree loaded with fruit in your yard or neighborhood caught your eye or stirred an interest iny..
Deluxe Kombucha Making Kit (Everything needed to make 3 gallons)
The Deluxe Gourmet Kombucha Making Kit provides everything you’ll need to make 3 gallons of ho..
Goat Chèvre Cheese Making Kit
Our Chèvre Goat Cheese Kit easily makes up to 1½ lbs. of delicious goat cheese—i..
Italian Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheesemaking Kit
Our Italian Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Making Kit will have you making your own pizzas and calzon..
Paneer & Queso Blanco Cheesemaking Kit
Our Paneer and Queso Blanco Cheese Making Kit has everything you need to make these great mild unage..
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