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Why, thank you! I made it myself...

Knowledge really is power, and knowing that you can make something that is basic to survival and life is freeing, indeed. At My Healthy Bliss, we love that great feeling of independence that comes from doing or making something yourself. That's why we just love all of our do-it-yourself kits that can get you rolling down the blissful road to self-sufficiency.

There is nothing like the simple joy that comes from knowing that you grew the herbs in your salad. Or the pride in being able to tell your guests that you actually made the wine they are enjoying, as well as the candles creating the elegant ambiance in your living room. And, I can say from personal experience, it's an awesome feeling to take simple, humble ingredients and witness the magic of turning them into soap...a basic necessity. You can make many of the things you use every day and feel good knowing that you know what's in them, because you made them! Body lotion, lip balm, candles, soap, wine, cheese, candy and even komubcha can all be made by you! Yes, YOU!

Now stop shaking your head. I am the queen of Pinterest flops. You know those little cartoons that show what it looked like on Pinterest and then the disaster that happened in real life when someone actually tried to do it? Well, those could all have been made for me. I could tell you horror stories about homemade dishwasher detergent gone wrong. Or liquid soap that turned into...I don't even know what that was... Or the little cheese that ended up being just a science experiment that no one in their right mind would eat. If I had only had DIY kits from My Healthy Bliss, I would not have run the risk of becoming a Pinterest pariah and my kids would have enjoyed the thrill of success the very first time we tried all of those DIY projects. And I guess this goes without saying, but there is just no cooler gift for anyone, kid or adult, than a DIY kit. Kids love to make things and they are naturally curious about how things grow and work. Be the hero who gives the perfect gift...educational, but also super fun.

And if you are still in need of unique gifts, keep a stash of pretty, floral eco totes so that your friends will never again come home from grocery shopping with one million plastic bags to recycle, or worse (horrors!), throw away. Or stock up on down to earth recycled canvas totes for gift giving so that your loved ones can carry their groceries and wine easily and in style. And, of course, while you're at it, don't forget to get a little something for yourself.

Hopefully you already make time to be your healthiest YOU with some kind of exercise, whether it be yoga or a gym membership or a commitment to walk, run or workout at home. Treat yourself to the luxury of a Swiss water bottle from Sigg and a BPA free yoga mat that you won't be afraid to lie down on.

There are so many ways to give the gift of blissfully healthy living to yourself and those you love at My Healthy Bliss!

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