Baby Food

Baby Food

...the label says it's for babies so it's gotta be healthy, right??

You know, we can't even judge people for having this mentality because we have been utterly guilty of it ourselves. For real, much as it pains us to admit it. Maybe we are all guilty of thinking that if it's made for babies, for Heaven's sake, surely it must be pure and healthy...right? Wrong. Oh. So. Wrong.

As if it weren't bad enough that skin care products for babies have an astonishing array of decidely UN-healthy ingredients in them, baby formulas and other baby food products can be just as suspect. The rules we never break at My Healthy Bliss when it comes to anything for baby are:

  • Read the label, carefully scrutinizing the ingredients.
  • If it isn't organic, we don't buy it.
  • If the product contains any ingredients that we cannot pronounce or easily identify, we don't buy it.

We don't offer a vast array of baby foods and formulas here at My Healthy Bliss because there aren't many products that meet up to our exacting specifications, but we are still working on it. For babies up to one year old, our motto is 'breast is best'. Breast milk is nature's perfect food for babies containing all of the minerals and vitamins and critical nutrients necessary to give baby the very best start in life. Everything he or she needs to start life with an optimized immune system to help fight sicknesses and disease are in breast milk.

We always recommend breast milk for at least a year, if at all possible. During that year some solids will be introduced, of course, in the way of rice cereal mixed with breast milk and then gradually other foods that are either pureed simple fruits or cooked vegetables or organic baby foods that have been prepared for you.

If breast feeding is not an option, don't despair. There are organic formulas out there that are lacking the sugars and syrups and other suspicious ingredients that are in most regular baby formulas. We are still in the process of searching for and bringing you the very best organic baby foods and formulas. Check back with us often as we hope to have some great baby food and formula options for you soon.

At My Healthy Bliss, we won't rest until we've found the very best food for your baby!

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