Baby Bottom

Baby Bottom

Soggy bottom blues...

At My Healthy Bliss we don't think diapering baby should be a complicated affair. Just like everything else that concerns our babies, we want anything that touches them to be as pure as possible.

Some (not all) of our babies had super sensitive skin that did not tolerate disposable diapers very well, so we used the old fashioned white cloth diapers for them. With any diaper, but especially with cloth diapers where there is no strange fiber covering to help keep moisture away from baby's skin, baby needs a moisture barrier to help protect tender skin from irritation.

Traditional baby powder is made from talc, which is mined in the same place as asbestos where cross-contamination is a concern. Baby balms and lotions often have petroleum products in them in the form of mineral oil (which is at least initially refined in the same facilities as gasoline) and other unacceptable ingredients. Not cool.

Let's get back to basics. How bout 'No talc' Cloud Powder for baby's bottom that is made from organic corn starch and zinc oxide. Or Organic Bottom Butter made from organic shea butter. Won't take long to read the label on those products because they are as pure as can be.

You've got this parenting thing under control with a little help from My Healthy Bliss!

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