Baby Bliss

Baby Bliss

'Babies are such a nice way to start people.' ~ Don Herold

At My Healthy Bliss, we are pretty crazy about babies. We've had lots of them, and now those babies are starting to have babies of their own. Actually our zeal to find the healthiest foods and products for our home began with that first precious baby more than 30 years ago. We wanted her to be as healthy as she could be. Thus began a lifetime of research, reading, learning and searching for what was good and what was not for that sweet little girl and the 5 exquisite little girls and boys who came along after her.

Now grandbabies are joining our family and we are more committed than ever to finding and using the healthiest products possible for our babies, and yours too. My Healthy Bliss doesn't carry a vast selection of complicated baby formulas and foods. That's partially because we firmly believe that breastmilk is the best and perfect food for baby. It's also because after extensive research, we just didn't find many formulas that we felt good about and that measured up to our standards. We refused to offer anything but the best, and the foods that we do offer for baby are organic, wholesome, and 'junk' free.

We are just as passionate about products that go on baby's skin as we are about what baby eats. There are an amazing array of rotten ingredients in products that are made for babies. Your grocery store shelves are chock full of baby lotions and powders and potions that contain parabens and petroleum products and other generally nasty ingredients. These products are made for BABIES. Babies with tender, sensitive skin and new little immune systems that don't need to be enduring a chemical bath. Bath Time can and should be a joyful delight knowing that the soaps and lotions and oils that touch baby's skin are pure and clean, with nary a chemical or petroleum product in sight. Baby's Bottom goes through many diaper changes a day, and it's important to keep the diaper area protected and dry with organic talc and bottom butter to help prevent diaper rash.

Pure and healthy products for baby are obviously very important to us, but equally important are products for moms and moms-to-be. Have we mentioned that we love babies? Well, we have spent a lot of time Blissfully Expecting and we can honestly say we really did consider it...blissful! Yes, we remember the bad parts. Yes, we did experience the wonderful Big Two...heartburn and hemmeroids. Yes, we recall back pain and sleeplessness and repeated kicks in the gut. Yes, we gained lots of weight. But we remember most the wonder of that little life growing and growing (literally under our noses!) and the impatient, excited anticipation of our meeting day.

We ate what we wanted, making sure to feed ourselves and baby good, wholesome food. We loved that time and want all mamas-to-be to have wonderful, calming, pure products and teas available to them. We were blessed to be mostly morning sickness free, but we always kept our mommy tea in the cupboard, just in case. And once the amazing little blessing has arrived, we have the perfect herbs and teas and products to speed healing and help with some of the unique issues that Blissfully Healthy Mama's bodies encounter. 

What an incredible honor we mamas have, to carry new life and nurture it with our own bodies. We consider it an awesome responsibility to offer only the best products for moms and babies at My Healthy Bliss!

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