Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Has the essential oil train left the station without you?

Are you overwhelmed with essential oil information overload? Do you consider deleting your social media accounts every time yet another friend signs up to sell essential oils via a multi-level marketing company? Do you consider moving to a non-English speaking country every time one of said friends corners you in order to explain, at length, why their company is absolutely the ONLY company to buy essential oils from? At My Healthy Bliss we feel your pain. We get it because we've been there. Heck, we ARE there.

We love our friends. And we love essential oils. But we don't love some of the mis-information that is going around out there concerning the quality and purity of certain companies essential oils. The truth is that just because something costs a lot more doesn't necessarily mean it's better. Some of these multi-level marketing companies have an ugly history of expensive legal fights with competitors, trademarking terms on their product bottles that don't mean a thing and suspiciously suggesting that you ingest their oils (often), which we can't help but feel is a ploy to sell more oils. Essential oils are extremely concentrated and very powerful, and we just don't feel good about ingesting them unless you are instructed to do so by a trained practitioner.

At My Healthy Bliss we believe that essential oils can be an incredibly effective enhancement to life and health. Our criteria for selecting an essential oils company that we felt good enough about to use ourselves and recommend to you was simple. We wanted to be sure that the oils we decided to use were pure with absolutely no extra fillers or ingredients. We wanted to be sure that the oils were sourced ethically and harvested as close as possible to the where the plants would typically grow. And we wanted to buy from a company we could trust. We don't like gimmicks. And we don't like a hard sell. Aura Cacia has been around since 1982, quietly educating people about essential oils and selling pure, quality oils long before many (maybe any) of these multi-level marketers were even in business. We like that. 

There is so much to learn about essential oils and we are still learning. It is amazing to discover that diffusing certain oils can greatly enhance our concentration or elevate our mood. Diffusing some oils can even lessen our stress levels. We can't offer you scientific proof of this, we can only tell you that this has been true for us. Some oils have anti-bacterial properties that help us keep our homes clean and germ free. We are proud to offer you pure essential oils that we feel good enough about to use ourselves. Come along with us on the path to a better quality of life with essential oils from My Healthy Bliss!


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