Aluminum Mist Bottle with Cap (12x4oz)

  • Aluminum Mist Bottle with Cap (12x4oz)
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There is just no way to express how much we LOVE these little bottles. The bottles are made from 100% recycled aluminum and the insides are high density epoxy plastic. You get 12 (yes, twelve!) 4 ounce bottles with a spray/mist top and clear plastic cap. Boom. You can now make your own: room spray, pillow spray, hand sanitizer, surface cleaner, perfume, etc., etc., etc. The possibilities are absolutely endless. Make cute labels and give your creations as gifts. We could keep gushing about these bottles forever, but we should probably stop. Needless to say, these cute little eco-friendly bottles are an essential part of life here at My Healthy Bliss. We make up our favorite sprays for daily use ahead of time and always keep extra bottles around for when we need to make up something new. Not even to mention, being able to make up room mists from all of your favorite essential oil blends is just too cool. Feeling stressed? Dilute some 'Tranquility' in one of your mist bottles and mist your room in calmness! Can't seem to get your head off the desk this morning? Devote one of your bottles to 'Energize' and mist your office in 'I can't wait to get back to work energy'! Twelve of these life-saving little bottles just may not be enough!

Size: 4 fl. oz.
Common Name: Mist Bottle with Cap, 4 fl oz

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