Warning: Do not approach. Subject may bite. Diffuser is not yet turned on...

This sign was actually spotted on a desk at My Healthy Bliss one morning a while back, and it is still there today. Workday mornings are dicey around here until the coffee is poured, and perhaps more importantly, the diffuser is on. Before that...you're on your own as far as your personal safety is concerned...and you have been warned. Most mornings will find said diffuser sending up refreshing little waves of 'Energize' essential oil, to help us get motivated and ready to start our day. Some days we find we need a little 'Inspiration' or maybe even some 'Creative Juice' to get us going. Maybe it is becoming apparent that we are not what one might call...Morning People. But our diffusers help us overcome this common malady.

Of course, our diffusers are at work all during our days, helping us focus on our tasks all day, lending a pick-me-up in the afternoons, and seeing us wind down and move into blissfully relaxing evenings. And our bedtime ritual (yes, we have one!) would not be complete without some 'Relaxation' or 'Pillow Potion' diffusing.

The really good news, both for the 'non-morning people' at My Healthy Bliss and for those around them, is that diffusers are available for car, pocket and home! We can get a jump on our morning with a few drops of 'Euphoria' in our car diffuser. Then, hopefully, by the time we hit our desks, we are prepared to greet the day. Then there are the occasions in the course of some of our days that we begin to view our car as a 'team bus', carrying smelly, sweaty boys (and sometimes girls) to this soccer game or that volleyball play off. Those are the times we are glad we have 'Pep Talk' or 'Love Potion' diffusing in our cars.

When we are staying in a hotel room or are otherwise away from our home or office, we carry our pocket diffuser everywhere we go. What a relief that we never have to be without the essential oils that make such a difference in our environment. One of our favorite ways to make sure we can diffuse our favorite oils in every room of our home or office is with little, discreet room diffusers that allow us to change our scent as often as we'd like. 

And whether you are just needing a quick mist of your favorite fragrance, are purifying the air before or after a tussle with the winter (or summer!) cold season or are mixing up your favorite surface cleaning solution, a set of aluminum mist bottles is just an absolute necessity. I really don't know what we did before we had these...

Not only can you enjoy the essential oils you love at home and work, but they can go with you everywhere you go with diffusers from My Healthy Bliss!

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