How can something that smells so good, be so bad?

Ahhhh...the romance of candlelight. What's not to love? Every woman (and possibly every man, as well) looks more beautiful in candlelight. Every room feels warmer...more inviting...when candles are aglow. What's the first thing you do upon realizing that you are about to have unexpected guests? We don't know about you, but at My Healthy Bliss, we immediately rush around and light some candles. Voila. Instant ambiance. Not to mention adding the obvious benefits of aromatherapy to your environment.

So, what's the problem? How could something that feels so right, be so wrong? Well, there is some terrible bad news about our beloved candles. Most are made from paraffin wax which is a petroleum by product that has to be bleached and deodorized before it can be made into wax. We will not bore you with the laundry list of toxic chemicals that can be released when paraffin is burned, but it includes benzene and acetone, among many other bad boys.

Combine that nightmare with a lead wick and chemical fragrances and colorings and you have a carcinogenic recipe for disaster. Exposure to lead has been linked to all kinds of nasty ailments including but not limited to hormone disruptions, behavioral problems, headaches and all kinds of other health issues. The fumes and smoke that this toxic cocktail puts off is about the same as breathing diesel fumes and is at least as toxic as breathing second hand smoke. Geez, can't we even have candles anymore??

Don't despair...there is hope! Here they come to save the day...jar candles from My Healthy Bliss and Aloha Bay! These jar candles are the worlds first Rainforest Alliance certfied candles made from eco palm wax sourced from certified organic palm groves in South America. And each one has double cotton wicks for a clean burn and are scented with essential oils and safe perfumes. Boom. No more worries about toxic smoke emanating from your beautiful candles.  

So go ahead. Light those candles. Create the ambiance you long for without having to worry about ruining your health in the process. It's just another blissfully healthy day at My Healthy Bliss!


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