Aromatherapy Jewelry

Aromatherapy Jewelry

That lady with road rage in the car next to you?...yeah. She wasn't wearing one of these... 

And that's a shame, because now there is just no excuse for walking around in that kind of an anxious state. Your favorite essential oils can be as close as your wrist or neckline, with gorgeous aromatherapy jewelry from My Healthy Bliss!

Every one of these practical, beautiful bracelets, lockets and chains are made of surgical grade stainless steel with heavy locking magnets and a solid back. The locket fronts have special ventilation holes to gently diffuse your favorite essential oils and blends. They are built to last and you can wear them with confidence knowing that they will not stain your skin or clothes. Each locket comes with re-useable pads to hold the essential oils, and extra pads can be ordered. Each one of these pieces is absolutely a tiny work of art.  We get a million compliments on them every single time we wear them...and you will too!

We even have a locket for your dogs collar! Some of our little fur babies get anxious in storms and we find that a couple of drops of lavender in their little locket can really calm them. 

We rotate different pads throughout the day with essential oils and blends that we find we need at different times. Mornings usually have us grabbing our bottle of Aura Cacia Energize and putting a few drops in our favorite diffuser bracelet or necklace. Who doesn't love a boost to their energy and motivation? By early evening, we are needing a little Tranquility to help us relax and slow down. In between we use different single oils and blends, depending on our moods and needs. You can even create your own personal signature fragrance and make sure it surrounds you all through your busy days and on into your blissful evenings.

Now you can enjoy the essential oils that are essential to your life, health and well being any time, every time and all the time with elegant aromatherapy jewelry from My Healthy Bliss!

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Teardrop Replacement Pads
Fits large teardrop diffuser locket. Comes in black, white or mixed. 12 pads. ..
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