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Welcome to My Healthy Bliss!

My Healthy Bliss is your on-line market offering the perfect collection of healthy products so you can enjoy the bliss of clean living without breaking the bank! Whether your personal healthy bliss starts with Aromatherapy in it's many wonderful forms or blissfully Clean Foods that are organic, non-GMO or gluten free, when you shop at My Healthy Bliss, you'll find everything you need to bring the bliss of healthy living to your Home, family and even your Pets. Since you know that good health depends on a body that is as free as possible from pesticide residues, heavy metals and other toxins that our environment and food can expose us to, you'll be relieved (oops, no pun intended...) to find so many ways to help your body become Blissfully Detoxed. And like us, you need to be able to find products for your Baby, Health & Beauty goodies for yourself, and products for your Home & Garden that are unquestionably pure and safe. Part of our personal journey to healthier living led us to the pure bliss of learning to do many things for our selves, with our children learning right alongside us, and we are happy to share that learning experience with kits that will teach you to DIY the fun way learning everything from soapmaking to winemaking to herb growing. And if you can't find just the right blissfully healthy product that you need on this side of the Atlantic, we went all the way to Italy to bring you elegant, healthy treats and bath products that you won't find anywhere else.

We have been researching healthy foods and lifestyles and products that promote good health for more than 30 years. Back when our children were young and we wanted only the best and healthiest foods for them, information was not easy to come by. We devoured books and articles and newsletters from people that shared our nutritional and health values or from people that had new ideas that we wanted to learn more about. We attended seminars and listened to speakers. We became convicted about the dangers of pesticides and genetically modified foods and we became aware that some of the products we were using on our skin or in our homes left a chemical trail that wasn't good for us, our kids or the environment. Now there is this wonderful thing called the internet! Information is everywhere, bombarding us with frustrating choices and sometimes conflicting information and confusing opinions. And the options for where to shop are just as endless as the variety of products available. While we can't completely simplify your life, we can offer you a one-stop, peaceful shopping experience for clean, simple, healthy products that we feel good about for ourselves and our own families. 

At My Healthy Bliss, we are committed to offering healthy, natural products for a life of bliss, and to offering you a positive, stress-free on-line shopping experience. If you don't see something on our website that you would like to see, please don't hesitate to contact us, as we would love to do our best to help you locate what you are looking for. You can read more about our story on our About Us page and you can follow us on social media to learn with us about the best way to find healthy bliss! Check back with us often as we are constantly on the hunt for unique, new products for your healthy life.  

We know you have many choices of places to shop...THANK YOU for shopping with My Healthy Bliss! © 2018 - All Rights Reserved
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